A ‘Shradhanjali’ for Gujarat – By J.M. Shenoy: Feb 24, 2001

A ‘Shradhanjali’ for Gujarat – By J.M. Shenoy: Feb 24, 2001

A ‘Shradhanjali’ for Gujarat – By J.M. Shenoy: Feb 24, 2001

When we created TiE , one of our goals was wealth creation,” muses Bakul Joshi on a tony California Sunday afternoon at the Swami Narayan Mandir in Milpitas.

“We wanted to create entrepreneurship. Now, we are learning about creating social entrepreneurship,” says Joshi, one of the leaders of The Indus Entrepreneurs, or TiE.

He was participating in a shraddhanjali (condolence meeting) for the Gujarat earthquake victims organized by Swami Narayanis (and their association BAPS Care), TiE and over two dozen San Francisco Bay area organizations.

The theme of the shraddhanjali was not just reiterating the community’s commitment to rehabilitate the earthquake-devastated regions of Gujarat. It will take at least 15 years to rehabilitate quake-stricken Gujarat, speaker after speaker told more than 150 people gathered at the Swami NarayanMandir. “We cannot be complacent.”

The response to the earthquake relief has brought the community even closer than the Kargil war did, many people feel. “Kargil showed how our community could come out in the open in big numbers and support India,” says Jeevan Zutshi, a community leader and President of Indo-American Community Federation based in Fremont. “We have built on that unity and we are showing a great sense of urgency.”

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