Indian American Activist Jeevan Zutshi Launches Second Book ‘Earth on Trial – Fighting The Invisible and Visible Enemies’

India-West Staff Reporter
Dec 20, 2020

Jeevan Zutshi, founder of the Indo-American Community Federation, is seen at the organization’s 19th annual Unity Dinner May 23, held via Zoom this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Indian American activist has just launched his second book titled, “Earth on Trial – Fighting The Invisible and Visible Enemies.”  (IACF photo)

Jeevan Zutshi’s rst book, “The Last Smile: A Father’s Love Story,” highlighted the dangers of over Written during the Covid-19 lockdown and through the lens of Zutshi’s cultural and personal perspective, “Earth on Trial – Fighting The Invisible and Visible Enemies,” combines history, extensive information, and personal anecdotes, in an attempt to provide a comprehensive insight into the most pressing topics of our time, from the global pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement

It also explores the everyday quest to seek perfection in our mind and bodies, which is often pursued through dangerous means, such as dietary supplements, fad diets, and unconventional health trends.

“In 2020, unlike any other time, mankind everywhere has been united against a common enemy: an invisible virus that has inltrated every land, claimed thousands of deaths, and brought the world, as we know it, to its knees,” reads the book’s ofcial description. “The coronavirus pandemic rages, but it doesn’t stop the reign of the many visible enemies that have plagued man from time immemorial – racism, bigotry, and religious discrimination, to name a few. Even a deadly pandemic could not humble the ego of man, and so mother nature has been rocked, humanity has been tested, and the earth is on trial.”

“Earth on Trial,” it adds, reveals the “hard truths about the corrupt pharmaceutical industry and its insidious inuence, which has frayed the fabric of our society, particularly the millennial generation.”

“Earth on Trial – Fighting The Invisible and Visible Enemies” is available for purchase on Amazon.

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